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Who We Are

Two guys with a passion of preserving history and bettering a community

Dresden Properties, LLC is a real estate development company based in Cudahy, Wisconsin, that was started by two guys with a vision of preserving history and bettering a community. Using there background in real estate, business management, and construction they have completed many single family and multi-family homes as well as renovating and updated older homes that needed love.
We were walking around the community one day and saw that a for sale sign when up on a former Catholic Church and School building. Jokingly we talked about what if we owned that? We continued to discuses what we would do with the property and what it could become. It was thrown out there to make the church an event venue and the school apartments and small businesses. By the time we made it back from the walk we both were brainstorming and coming up with all kind of ideas about how this project could work. We did some research about why the church was closed and what the feeling was in the community about options of the buildings. we found that the the Church Building was scheduled to be raised in June of 2019 with the School building following in 2020. We researched and talked with a lot of city and community members and found out the history of the buildings. How this site was a church before the City of Cudahy was even a City. After seeing these buildings for the first time inside we saw that they were built with the most expensive and advanced construction methods of the time. After purchasing these two great building from the congregation.  We have worked to get these building added to the National Historic Registry as well as the State of Wisconsin Historic Registry.
We are currently working with our design team on the renovation plans for both the Church and School to make the property a mixed use development. The vision of the former church building will be to renovate and bring the building up to code. We will have very little changes to the inside of the building and no changes to the exterior of the building. The new space will be called the Dresden Castle on Underwood. It will become an event space that will be able to host up to 500 guest for any type of events. The Plan is to complete this space in Summer of 2020.
The Vision of the former school building will be to convert the building in to 26 Market Rate Apartments as well as have a Commercial space that could become a local market to service the surrounding community. The apartment units will consist of Studio, One, Two, & Three Bedroom Units with a community room. Each unit will have in unit laundry and spacious living spaces. Four of the units that will be located in the former basketball gym will become lofted units with a spacious master suite on the loft and the open concept living space below. The apartment units will be completed over the next two years.

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